2015 RMT Executive Board of Directors:

(top row)

Dan Remsburg:Field Coordinator

Dave Reynolds:Vice-President/Secretary

Matt Dinkins:President

(bottom row)

Hillary Koontz:Training Coordinator

Joe Sciacca:Treasurer

Rocky Mountain Trackers was established by a group of dedicated Trackers who want change the way searches for lost people are conducted by utilizing the most abundant amount of clues that are available to a searcher, tracks or sign that are generated by the passage of a person. Approximately every three feet or less, there is a clue as to which direction the lost subject is traveling. That equals nearly 2000 clues, or pieces of sign, for every mile traveled. Yet only a very small number of searchers understand how to find or even look for those clues. Rocky Mountain Trackers is an organization dedicated to keeping the fading art of tracking alive in the Rocky Mountain region and applying it in searches, investigations and anywhere else that may require tracking resources.

We maintain a roster of Certified Trackers in the Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico region and have them ready to respond at your request.

Too many clues are overlooked and we want that to change. Lives often depend on those clues.

We are dedicated to saving lives or getting closure where life has already been lost. We will make a positive difference in someone's life.

We are also dedicated to public education that we hope will lead to people not getting lost, and increasing the likelihood of them being found when, in spite of their best efforts, they lose their way. Stay tuned for our new project "Capture your Sole"

Rocky Mountain Trackers (RMT) incorporated in 2005 in Colorado as a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our services are provided free of charge, but we rely heavily on donations.

RMT Membership Dues
(Annual Fee $ 20.00)
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Every we year we have several oportunities to send our trackers to JHPTS or UTS certification training either locally or in other regions. The cost is around $ 400.00 for tuition and lodging. Usually members must cover their own expenses unless we have financial support from generous donors.

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